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The IAO organises internationally recognised courses in osteopathy.

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Committed to osteopathy

Our high training level and "Evidence-Based Practice" approach are designed to offer quality osteopathic treatments for all patients. Moreover, we are committed to stimulate the academic nature of the osteopathic profession.



IAO student makes it to the Champions League with his osteopathy skills!

Congratulations to Sven De Maere! Sven graduated in June this year from the IAO and recently started to work as an osteopath for t...

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Meeting of austrian osteopathic societies

At the annual "meeting of austrian osteopathic societies" representatives of the WSO, OZK, ÖAGO, ÖGO, Forum Osteopathie and the IA...

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it band Harvard article osteopathy IAO

#science 'Understanding the IT band’

No link to cumputers, but new insights on the ililotibial band (ITB).

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About the IAO

The IAO is an international school for osteopathy with sites in Denmark, Egypt, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our students can obtain the Diploma in Osteopathy (DO), the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Osteopathic Studies (BSc.(Hons)Ost.Stud.)* and/or the Master of Science in Osteopathy (MSc.Ost.)**.

* in collaboration with Buckinghamshire New University
** in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences - Tyrol

About us

The International Academy of Osteopathy - IAO, was established in 1987 by Michel Janssens (†1995), Grégoire Lason and Luc Peeters. Today the IAO has more than 2,500 students spread across 28 cities.

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