History | The International Academy of Osteopathy IAO


The IAO® was established in 1987 by Michel Janssens (†1995), Grégoire Lason and Luc Peeters. In that same year the first courses were started in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Over the years, the IAO® has developed into Europe's largest academy for osteopathy. We have a rich history, which you can discover through the facts set out below.


Accreditation of the Master course in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences – Tyrol by the German accreditation organisation AHPGS. As a result, the full Master, which is worth 120 European credits, complies fully with the Bologna Process. Unique in Europe!


The IAO® begins a relationship with Buckinghamshire New University (London). This university accredits the first three Bachelor years of the full-time course and confers the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Osteopathic Studies. The subsequent 2-year Master course is accredited by the University of Applied Sciences, which confers the degree MSc.Ost.


On the 7th of October 2014, the approval committee of the Dutch CPION (het Centrum Post Initieel Onderwijs, translated into English: The Centre for Post Initial Education in the Netherlands) has issued a positive advice about the curriculum of the International Academy of Osteopathy.

This means that students who graduate from the fulltime training, can also obtain a certificate of "Basic Medical Knowledge". You can find more information on the Dutch website of CPION: http://www.cpion.nl/Aanbieder.aspx?Id=6991


The IAO® changes the full-time course from a 4-year course (BSc.(Hons) Ost. to a 5-year course, entirely in compliance with the Bologna process.


The IAO® starts a modular course for osteopathy in Cairo, Egypt. The first cohort of students has more than 40 participants.


The IAO® establishes its 16th training centre in Germany. Osteopathy courses are now offered in 16 German cities, two Austrian cities, with one course in Denmark and Switzerland.

2,500 students follow a course at the IAO and the IAO now has a teaching staff of 150 teachers and assistants.


The IAO® begins a relationship with the ISO Paris osteopathy school. This also allows French-speaking students to obtain this French diploma, enabling them to work legally as osteopaths in France.


In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences the IAO® organises the Master course  in Innsbruck, Berlin and Ghent.


25 students (mainly IAO® teachers) graduate as Masters of Science in Osteopathy MSc.Ost.


The IAO® begins a relationship with the University of Applied Science – Tyrol (fhg). In collaboration with this university, the IAO® organises a Master of Science course in osteopathy (120 European credits). The first cohort of students begins in October 2009.


The IAO® is recognised by the NUFFIC, meaning that Dutch students receive subsidies and study funding from the Dutch State.


The IAO® is recognised by the Flemish Government as a training provider in the context of the SME portfolio.


The full-time course at the IAO® is accredited by the University of Wales. This accreditation becomes a fact through external audits and the support of “external examiners”. Students obtain the BSc. (Hons) Ost. after a 4-year course.


Start of the academic relationship with the University of Wales.


The IAO® obtains the quality standard ISO9001 in “Osteopathic Training and Education”. This was unique for a school in Europe.


The political situation in Belgium obstructs the implementation of the Colla Law. The law is not further developed as described.


The Belgian Federal Parliament passes the “Law on non-conventional therapies/Colla Law”. This is a framework law designed to regulate osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropraxy. The IAO® plays an active role in this process.


All IAO® osteopath teachers obtain the BSc.(Hons) Ost. at the  University of Westminster.


The IAO® obtains the quality standard ISO9008 in “Osteopathic Training and Education”. This was unique for a school in Europe.


14 teachers from the IAO® obtain the academic degree Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Osteopathic Medicine (BSc.(Hons) Ost. Med. at the University of Westminster.


Intense contact with BCOM (British College of Osteopathic Medicine) with the aim of accelerating the academic development of training.


Start of the full-time course in Ghent. Number of contact hours: 3,345. The course is full-time and lasts 5 years.


The number of contact hours (initially 900 hours) was increased to 1,250 contact hours.


Establishment of the IAO® as a postgraduate training institute for physiotherapists and doctors wanting to study osteopathy.


  • Michel Janssens (†)
  • Grégoire Lason
  • Luc Peeters

The school grew, becoming the largest institute for osteopathy in Europe.

IAO® conferred the DO diploma (DO).