History of osteopathy and IAO

The International Academy of Osteopathy – IAO, was founded in 1987 by Michel Janssens, Grégoire Lason and Luc Peeters. In that year trainings were organised for the first time in Belgium, in both national languages, in the Netherlands as well as in Germany.

Grégoire Lason

gregoire_0.jpg MSc. Ost. (University of Applied Sciences)

Luc Peeters

luc-peeters_0_0.jpg MSc. Ost. (University of Applied Sciences)

Michel Janssens

michel_janssens.jpg † 1995

In 1987, the IAO founds the professional association ABRO, recognized on September 8, 1997 by the Council of State. One year later the name ABRO was changed into ROB; today the largest professional association for osteopaths in Belgium. In 1992 the IAO opens the first school of osteopathy in Norway . In 1993 The International Academy of Osteopathy starts the first fulltime course in Belgium for students just finishing high school. On 14.03.95 Michel Janssens dies. The IAO starts presenting the “Michel Janssens Award”, a prize granted yearly to the best Ph D student. On 27 March 1997, The International Academy of Osteopathy was awarded the ISO 9001 quality label. In March 1997, the IAO concludes a cooperation agreement with The British College of Osteopathic Medicine and with The University of Westminster, as a result of which IAO graduates can obtain a Bachelor of Science with honours in Osteopathic Medicine. On 6 February 1998, IAO graduates were admitted to the American Academy of Osteopathy (A.A.O.). On 31 October 1998 , the first IAO lecturers received their university degree in osteopathic medicine and looked for an opening on the continent. The IAO was also congratulated by King Albert II of Belgium. In 2000 the IAO opens the first school of osteopathy in Denmark. On September 1st, 2001 the IAO launches the "E-Learning" part of it’s website. In 2004, The University of Wales validated the IAO trainings. Graduates of the fulltime training then obtained the Bachelor of Science with honours in Osteopathy. In 2004, the IAO starts a training in Austria. In 2005, the IAO joins The Osteopathic International Alliance - OIA. In 2005, the IAO starts a training in Switzerland. On 18.05.06, the IAO founds The European Register for Professional Osteopaths - ERPO, together with some other European schools striving for the academisation of osteopathy. On 15 June 2007 the IAO starts the publication of the “Osteopathic Encyclopedia”, composed by a whole series of e-books. On May, 16th 2008, the IAO summons the Belgian Government due to the non-execution of the law on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. During the academic year 2008-2009, valuable post academic trainings are introduced. In January 2009, the IAO comes to an agreement with the University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (fhg), which enables graduates of the IAO to obtain a Master of Science in Osteopathy as well. In June 2009, the IAO and the COTN in Lille, France start up an academic project together, which involves the solid collaboration of both schools, both on the field of education, post academic education, research and exchange of students and teachers. Thanks to this collaboration it will be possible, for example, for graduates of both schools to become recognised osteopaths in Belgium and France and to have access to the Bachelor of Science diploma in osteopathy. In July 2009, the IAO publishes a search engine on her website, which makes it possible for visitors to find and contact a therapist in their neighbourhood. In the fall of 2012, the IAO starts its training and education in Istanbul, Turkey. At present (December 2012) 71 Masters of Science in Osteopathy graduated from the University of Applied Science. In 2014 we decided to cooperate with the Buckinghamshire New University, Bucks. Students of the fulltime training now first obtain the Bachelor of Science in Osteopathic Studies (BSc. Ost. Stud.), after which they obtain the Master of Science in Osteopathy.

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