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On our blog we place the latest news about our school and osteopathy. So be sure to take a look now and then!

Lino Cedros IAO osteopathy fasia

Fascia course by Lino Cedros in Ghent

Lino Cedros (ATC, MT, SP, CAMTC) is teaching a continuing osteopathic education course in Ghent (Belgium) right at this ...

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Graduation ceremony at BCOM in London!

Last week, on Friday the 16th of October, Grégoire Lason (MSc. Ost.) attended the graduation ceremony of BCOM, the Briti...

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ICROM app also available for iOS users!

We’ve developed a free app in which you can find all the practical information about our first International Conference ...

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Rafael Zegarra-Parodi in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium!

Rafael Zegarra-Parodi gave a postgraduate course in Mont-Saint-Guibert (Belgium) on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th...

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IAO student makes it to the Champions League with his osteopathy skills!

Congratulations to Sven De Maere! Sven graduated in June this year from the IAO and recently started to work as an osteo...

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Meeting of austrian osteopathic societies

At the annual "meeting of austrian osteopathic societies" representatives of the WSO, OZK, ÖAGO, ÖGO, Forum Osteopathie ...

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