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On our blog we place the latest news about our school and osteopathy. So be sure to take a look now and then!

Celebrating Christmas at the IAO

Tuesday evening we celebrated Christmas with the IAO team. Together with a couple of teachers, we went to the Christmas ...

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What is Evidence Based Practice?

Have you wondered what Evidence Based Practice (EBP) actually is? And why do we go on and on about the importance of EBP...

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Graduation Ceremony was a succes!

Our graduation ceremony took place on the 28th of November in Ghent and was a great success! More than 100 students of t...

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Congratulations, master students!

At the beginning of October, the University of Applied Sciences held their graduation ceremony.  More than 120 students ...

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Enthusiastic participants at ICROM1

Last weekend, on Saturday 24 October, we organized the first ever International Conference on Research in Osteopathic Me...

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Professionalism and Professional Boundaries: an Institutional Challenge

Our colleagues and friends of the BSO,  the British School of Osteopathy, are holding a conference on Saturday the 21st ...

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