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Free course & info session in Copenhagen


On Saturday the 26th of May 2018, we organize a free course on the osteopathic treatment of lower back pain, followed by an info session about the new Master course in Copenhagen. This course and info session will be hosted by one of our principals, Mr. Luc Peeters. 

 Mr. Peeters will demonstrate how an osteopath treats lower back pain. Osteopaths can decrease low back pain by mobilizing joints in the lumbar spine though manipulations. During this course, you will gain more insight in the osteopathic philosophy and method.

Afterwards, Mr. Peeters will give more information about our new modular Master course in Copenhagen. It is now possible to obtain a Master of Science in Osteopathy in 4 years via our modular course. For more information: 


Sigurdsgade 26
2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

The school is located north-west from the centre, close to the Fælledparken.


26th of May 2018, from 09:00 - 13:00

If you want to join us, please subscribe via the button below. There is a limited number of participants.