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Up until today, more than 130 students have already obtained this Master of Science that is recognized and accredited in no less than 47 European countries! More and more, academic qualifications are the key to professional success! With a modular (part-time) training at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO) your career will take a strong positive turn, as the IAO offers the possibility to obtain a recognized and accredited Master of Science in Osteopathie in co-operation with the renowned University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (fh gesundheit) in Innsbruck.

The course aims to provide its graduates with a specialisation in all areas of osteopathy and to guarantee that the occupational qualification is further developed at a higher education level. In addition, the course aims to enable the research of osteopathic treatment techniques scientifically.

This master’s degree has a legal ground in accreditation and complies with the Bologna Process. In Europe, there’s no osteopathy school (besides in the UK) that can offer their students such a scientific Master degree.

The title MSc.Ost. can be used in all European countries and is recognised worldwide. It gives the opportunity to obtain a PhD afterwards.

General practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists can complete the Master program, during or after their modular IAO training.


Graduates of the Master of Science in Osteopathy can practice in public (in countries where osteopathy is recognised) and private healthcare facilities or enter the fields of education or research. As comprehensively trained osteopaths, they will apply diagnostic and treatment techniques in all core areas of osteopathy.

The training enables them to perform comprehensive osteopathic diagnoses, establish clinical audits and develop promising treatment strategies. Our graduates are competent, safe and responsible osteopaths who have received a challenging scientific and medical education. They are also well versed in exchange and cooperation with other medical disciplines.

Details of the curriculum