Mission statement


Our goal is to form our students into safe, independent and complete osteopathic practitioners. Therefore we offer a modern course and curriculum with the highest possible academic standards. The high level of education will enable our graduates to provide all patients with the best quality osteopathic treatment available.

We promote academic standards in osteopathic training as well as recognition of academically trained osteopaths in all European countries in which we teach. Interdisciplinary cooperation with the medical professions is therefore of the outmost importance.

We maintain a solid relationship with our graduates and offer them a continuous postgraduate program in order to give them the opportunity to grow in the profession.


  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Appreciation
  • Respect


  • Respect for patients
  • Respect for students
  • Appreciation for teachers, assistants and other co-workers
  • Reject unethical behaviour
  • Follow laws and human rights

Social basis for the osteopathic training

Besides the training in osteopathy itself, The International Academy of Osteopathy also has a dual social goal.

The first social goal is to train academic schooled osteopaths who can treat patients with complaints functionally in an independent and competent way. Thanks to that, we strive for helping patients, on the one hand, and for reducing the social burden of illnesses and patients on the other. By executing osteopathic treatments we try to reduce costs for medication and other medical applications. For if a patient could be treated osteopathically, a lot of money will be saved, not only by the patient but also by insurance companies and taxpayers. The reduction of musculoskeletal and other complaints will lead to the reduction of absence caused by illness or complaints. It’s difficult to have an overview in figures of this economic advantage for the society, but the IAO encourages the universities to carry out scientific research on this subject.

The second social goal is to give the opportunity to everyone to enjoy the advantages of an osteopathic treatment. The clinic in Ghent (Belgium) examines and treats patients eligible for an osteopathic treatment for free.

The International Academy of Osteopathy

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