Training osteopathy

Training in osteopathy

The IAO is an international school where students can obtain a Diploma in Osteopathy, a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Osteopathy or a Master of Science in Osteopathy, thanks to the academic cooperation between the IAO and The University of Wales and The University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (fhg). All degrees comply with the Bologna Process.

Individual Osteopathy Training

At the IAO, the individual student is at the centre. A student follows the osteopathy training that fits him/her the most: fulltime, part-time, postgraduate, osteopathy, manipulations ...

Recognised Osteopathy Training

The IAO training is recognised by the Flemish Government, KNGF, University of Wales and University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (fhg). So several authorities offer financial support and graduates can become member of different associations, like the ERPO (European Register for Professional Osteopaths). The IAO is also one of the first osteopathic schools in Europe where, thanks to the collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (fhg), a Master of Science in Osteopathy can be obtained within the standards of the Bologna process and fully consistent with the Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy, as prescribed by the World Health Organisation. Do you want to study at the IAO as well? Enrol now! naamloos_0.jpg

The International Academy of Osteopathy

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