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This post academic module is open to any recognized osteopath in Europe.

To be able to discuss thoroughly on the matter, Andrea Cecchi will demonstrate the differences between osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation methods during 4 full days, 2 modules of each 2 days. A unique opportunity!

Language: ENGLISH

Ghent (BE) | 19-20 January 2018 & 23-24 February 2018

Accreditation has been requested at the various professional associations.

BVBO (Belgium): 28 points

This PAM costs € 495 per module, including syllabus and catering.

Early-bird discount: € 50 per module if you book them at least two months in advance. Another €50 if you book the two modules together.


Syllabi & Catering

SMT: An integrative comparison

SMT: An integrative comparison

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