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ICROM2: Nicolas Segers


Nicolas Segers (DO) hat seine Praxis in Waterloo, Belgien. Er ist in Plagiozephalie spezialisiert, was auch das Thema seiner Lesung während der ICROM2 ist.

“Kinder mit positioneller Schädeldeformation: anthropometrische und morphologische Einschätzung. Verschiedene Messinstrumente für den Osteopathen”. Hier eine Zusammenfassung seiner Untersuchung:

Since the “back to sleep” campaign in 1992, positional cranial deformation of newborns is a recurring problem in osteopathic practice.

The deformational plagiocephaly requires a detailed clinical examination of the skull. The osteopaths have their own mobility assessment process of many distinct cranial bones. But this typical osteopathic examination remains a subjective assessment and cannot describe the cranial asymmetry.

Anthropometric measurements objectify the cranial deformation and are essential in a practice to measure the effects of an osteopathic treatment. In the case of fronto-occipital plagiocephaly, the temporal bone’s morphological assessment allows to describe very easily a temporal dysfunction clinically relevant.

Anthropometric and morphological assessments of infants with positional skull deformation should be a standard procedure in osteopathic care. Let’s see now together the practical and non-invasive tools to quantify asymmetry of the skull in a daily osteopathic practice.


ICROM2: Kinderosteopathie findet statt in München (Deutschland) am 05. November 2016. Sie können die Konferenz via live streaming verfolgen. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.