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August 6 is an important date for Osteopathy


August 6, 1828 Dr. A.T. Still was born. The founder of osteopathy & osteopathic medicine.

Still was born in Virginia (US) in 1828 and was the first one to question classical medicine, in which only the symptoms are being treated, and went looking for a more holistic approach. He used his hands to look for less moveable tissues, tried to fix these and was able to heal or prevent dysfunctions. In 1874 he named this treatment: “osteopathy”.

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The discoveries of Dr. Still, still form the foundation of osteopathic medicine. Naturally, osteopathy has undergone many evolutions since then. Osteopathic practitioners learn more and more every day. Also at the IAO we are firm believers of lifelong learning and Evidence Based Practice as the core of our osteopathy courses.