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Dr. Peter Valentin present at ICROM2


Dr. Peter Valentin was born in Regensburg in 1952. He obtained his PhD at the CAU in Kiel and now has his own practice, also in Kiel, where he works as a medical specialist in general medicine.

He also teaches at the Medical Society of Qigong Yansheng in Bonn. He focusses on natural medicine, acupuncture, relaxation technniques, stress management, qigong and mind-body medicine. In his lecture “Salutogenic Theory – a philosophy that is adaptable to children and adolescents” he will talk about how the mind-body medicine (mbm) can provide effective strategies to optimise therapeutic work situations In the determination of salutogenetic experience. Subjects of strehoss, self-effectiveness, mindfulness and the activation of resources play an important role. The use of very short interventions support the implementation of the learnings into the personal everyday life. His speech gives a review of the mbm and simple practical exercises.


ICROM2: Paediatric Osteopathy, takes place in Munich (Germany) on November 5, 2016. It is possible to follow the conference via live streaming. For more information, click here.