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The graduation ceremony of Bucks New University


A few of our fulltime students and Edgar, member of the IAO team, travelled to High Wycombe last Friday. They attended the graduation ceremony of Bucks New University.

This is how Kevin Van Eeckhoudt, one of the graduate students, experienced this day:

“It was a day I will not soon forget. The ceremony was a beautiful experience that left us all speechless at times. We realized why we had really chosen this profession.

The highlight for me was the point where we were individually invited on stage to receive our Bachelor’s diploma to great applause.

Not only was it a fascinating day, above all it was an amazing ending to an educational and exciting training. We would like to thank Edgar that he came to High Wycombe to celebrate this day with us and for his guidance during our three-year training at the IAO.”

Many thanks to Bucks New University for the warm welcome and congratulations to all of our students who obtained their Bachelor’s degree in Osteopathic Studies.