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Regulation of osteopathy in Luxembourg


“The regulation of the osteopathic profession makes sure that the patients are in safe hands. The absolute priority is that patients wind up with professional, well-trained osteopaths. Without this regulation, anyone can call himself an osteopathy.” – Lydia Mutsch, Minister for Health.

Yesterday the Ministry for Health laid down the legal framework for the establishment of the osteopathic profession. This was done in close collaboration with the Luxembourg Association of Osteopaths (ALDO).

What exactly does this regulation entail, so far?

  • Only master degrees who received permission from the Ministry of Health will be allowed to conduct the osteopathic profession.
  • All recognized osteopaths will be registered in a professional register.
  • Osteopaths will be obliged to attend at least 40 hours of annual training.
  • In certain cases, the osteopath may only start treatment after a medical diagnosis was made (eg manipulations of the skull, face and spine in children younger than six months).
  • In certain cases, osteopaths will be obliged to refer patients to a doctor (eg if symptoms require medical treatment)

Undoubtedly, this regulation will be further specified and extended along the way and we will keep you informed of all updates. If you are curious about the legal framework about osteopathy in other countries, you can check out our website: