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On our blog we place the latest news about our school and osteopathy. So be sure to take a look now and then!

Why I am arguing for the academization of osteopathy

Academization is the process of transforming courses into academic Master programmes. Academic education is based upon s...

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"My life as a therapist has changed because osteopathy completely altered my way of thinking and treating."

Why did you choose osteopathy?...

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Colleague in the spotlight: Irmgard

Meet Irmgard!...

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More and more countries are creating a legal framework for osteopathy

In recent months, we have been able to add the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland to the list of countri...

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August 6 is an important date for Osteopathy

August 6, 1828 Dr. A.T. Still was born. The founder of osteopathy & osteopathic medicine....

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Colleague in the spotlight: Johnny

Here's Johnny!...

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