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The International Academy of Osteopathy » EN » Diploma in Osteopathy

Diploma in Osteopathy - DO


  • DO-Diploma of the IAO.


30 modules in 5 years.

After successfully completing the 30 modules, you will be rewarded with the DO diploma after 5 years. The flexibility of our study model enables you to adapt the length of your training to your personal planning.

  • 6 modules in year 1.
  • 6 modules in year 2.
  • 6 modules in year 3.
  • 6 modules in year 4.
  • 6 modules in year 5.

Every module:

  • Each module takes 3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • We always teach from 08:00 to 18:45.
  • Each module will address a specific body region, both in theory and in practice. At the IAO we integrate the different modules from the outset. By doing so, we aim to encourage you to start thinking and acting in an integrated fashion straight away, which is a requirement within the osteopathic holistic context.

Target group:

physiotherapists and medical doctors.


All courses are in English.


  • Lecturers with a master's degree in osteopathy who have many years of professional experience.
  • Medical doctors.


Cairo, Egypt.