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ICROM2: Nicolas Segers


Nicolas Segers (DO) has his own practice in Waterloo, Belgium. He is specialized in plagiocephaly and that is also the subject of his lecture during ICROM2.

“Infants with positional skull deformation: anthropometric and morphological assessment. Various measurement tools for the osteopath”. He made a short summary of his research:

Since the “back to sleep” campaign in 1992, positional cranial deformation of newborns is a recurring problem in osteopathic practice.

The deformational plagiocephaly requires a detailed clinical examination of the skull. The osteopaths have their own mobility assessment process of many distinct cranial bones. But this typical osteopathic examination remains a subjective assessment and cannot describe the cranial asymmetry.

Anthropometric measurements objectify the cranial deformation and are essential in a practice to measure the effects of an osteopathic treatment. In the case of fronto-occipital plagiocephaly, the temporal bone’s morphological assessment allows to describe very easily a temporal dysfunction clinically relevant.

Anthropometric and morphological assessments of infants with positional skull deformation should be a standard procedure in osteopathic care. Let’s see now together the practical and non-invasive tools to quantify asymmetry of the skull in a daily osteopathic practice.


ICROM2: Paediatric Osteopathy, takes place in Munich (Germany) on November 5, 2016. It is possible to follow the conference via live streaming. For more information, click here.