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The lecture of Priska Wikus at ICROM2


Priska Wikus will be giving a lecture on the osteopathic treatment of behavioral dysregulations in babies during ICROM2. Priska did her studies at the IAO and became one of our teachers after she graduated.

Because of her dedication towards osteopathy and our academy, she became a member of our vice principals team a year ago. She is also the president of the professional lobby of the Austrian osteopaths, OEGO, and she is specialized in paediatric osteopathy.

She made a short summary of her lecture during ICROM2:

“Early childhood regulation disorder is a term that is used for babies with sleeping, feeding and stooling problems, failure to thrive and/or chronic anxiety. Fundamental for all these problems is a three-dimensional causality – behavior of the baby, parental stress and difficult parent-child-relationship.  Etiologically no anatomic-structural cause can be found. Gut problems, higher child arousal leading to behavioral problems with parental overreaction and pre, peri- and postnatal stress are likely to have an impact on the development of an early childhood regulation disorder.

Osteopathy – as functional medicine – claims to have a beneficial therapeutical influence on early childhood regulation disorder. Based on the treatment of the examinees (each group consisting of five children) a very first trend regarding the positive effect of osteopathic treatment was shown. This trend was described in a screaming journal kept by the parents. Within the testing period the local treatment group (IG1) showed an improvement after the second treatment. With the systematic treatment group (IG2) the improvement was recorded not until after the third treatment. However, at the end of this study the IG2 showed better results than the IG1 (53,99% to 57,83%). The control group presented an improvement by 17,94%.”



ICROM2: Paediatric Osteopathy, takes place in Munich (Germany) on November 5, 2016. It is possible to follow the conference via live streaming. For more information, click here.