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Marc Asche at ICROM2


With much pleasure we present to you Marc Asche (MSc Paed Ost). Herr Asche is one of our teachers and is closely involved in our two-year postgraduate training in paediatric osteopathy in Germany. He has his own practice, Holstein Reha, in Kiel, Germany. 

His lecture during ICROM2 is titled: "Standardized osteopathic diagnosis of cranial and posture asymmetry in infants as a basis for osteopathic treatment until the age of four." He divided his lecture into five subjects:

  1. Classification: Representation of the different classifications of plagiocephaly.
  2. Etiology and Pathogenesis: Presentation etiological - and pathogenetic factors that may be discussed on the origin and development of the skull and entertainment asymmetry. Findings from the research site will be presented.
  3. Clinical reasoning: In missing- or incomplete evidence that clinical reasoning is the basis of evidence-based practice.
  4. Diagnosis and evaluation: Diagnosis and survey findings are a result of clinical reasoning and Provide a safe and effective diagnostic controlled treatment.
  5. Evidence-based therapy and research approaches: The clinical significance of plagiocephaly is controversial and demonstrates the need for scientific studies. Current research questions are presented.



ICROM2: Paediatric Osteopathy, takes place in Munich (Germany) on November 5, 2016. It is possible to follow the conference via live streaming. For more information, click here.