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PAM Upper extremity sports injuries: assessment & treatment

Day 1 - Spring 2021. Day 2 - Spring 2021.
Schoulder. Elbow and wrist.
> Functional aspects. > Functional aspects.
> Neurophysiology. > Neurophysiology.
> Myohistology. > Myohistology.
> Artrokinematics. > Artrokinematics.
> Factors effecting recovery. > factors effecting recovery.
> Scapular disposition & dyscenisis. > Elbow/wrist assessment & treatment clusters.
> Shoulder assessment & treatment clusters.


Vincent Vermeulen has been working as a manual therapist for 30 years in his practice in Ramsau in Austria, and worked many years at the highest level at the Olympic training center Obertauern. He combines therapeutically specialized knowledge and training science background. He joined the Institut für Angewandte Manuelle Therapie (IFAMT) Group around 2008.

Through the intensive care of competitive athletes Vincent discovered that the principles of aerobic training applies both to professional athletes, as well as for patients with unspecific back pain. His credo: Keep it simple, and with consistent work it is possible to become world champion!

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