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In this PAM, Andrea Cecchi -  Doctor in Chiropractic - will demonstrate the differences between osteopathic and chiropractic manipulations. The training will be held in English.

Unique opportunity

One of the treatment options that fits within the 5 'structure-function models "of the WHO Benchmarks, is the use of spinal manipulative techniques (SMT). Despite the many similarities, these techniques also contain many differences when they are performed by either an osteopath or chiropractor.

Andrea Cecchi graduated as Doctor of Chiropractic in April 1998 at the Northwestern Chiropractic College (NWCC) in Minneapolis. He worked for a considerable time with Dr. John Thatcher, one of the seven recognized chiropractors who were taught directly by Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead. With this background and his past as elite swimmer, he wants to motivate others to study into this matter and  is responsible for, among other things. specialization courses in Sports Chiropractic (International Chiropractic Sports Science graduate). In addition, he was also a member of the medical staff of the Italian Olympic swim team, was at the head of the Italian association for chiropractors, and spoke at various conferences. Along with Dr. Shafer, he teaches the postgraduates courses 'precize muscle testing’ at the IAO (link toevoegen).

Based on his extensive experience in teaching, Andrea Cecchi will repeat the anatomy and biomechanics of the vertebral joints, combined with an extensive practical discussion on the implications for our manipulations.