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Milestone in Denmark


On Wednesday, 13 March 2019, the Danish government presented the first ever official recognition to osteopaths.

 That all 9 osteopaths who were the first to receive this Danish recognition are IAO Alumni makes us particularly proud.


Congratulations to:

  • Anders Skjold Jensen
  • Claes-Erik Andreas Benjaminsson
  • acob Wrang Vind
  • Jesper Risum Kamp
  • Lisbeth Hove Vestergaard
  • Mads Novrup Brønd
  • Michael Stougaard Rømer
  • Michael Svendstrup Grarup
  • Ronnie Gyldenvang

Thanks also to all IAO teachers & employees who help to maintain the academic degree & quality at this level so that we can celebrate such successes.

The list of approved osteopaths in Denmark can be consulted at