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Op onze blog plaatsen we het laatste nieuws over onze school en de osteopathie. Neem dus zeker af en toe eens een kijkje!

3D Bioprinting Bone with Graphene and Stem Cells.

This is an early preview to show the type of 3D bioprinting applications researchers can perform with Aether 1....

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Nieuw e-book: Het Diafragma

We hebben onlangs een nieuw e-book toegevoegd aan onze collectie: Het Diafragma!...

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The lecture of Priska Wikus at ICROM2

Priska Wikus will be giving a lecture on the osteopathic treatment of behavioral dysregulations in babies during ICROM2....

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Dr. med Thomas Karsch will discuss growing pains during ICROM2

Dr. med. Thomas Karsch will also be present during ICROM2. He was born in 1968 and studied Orthodepics in Dresden (DE). ...

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Dr. med. Gabriele Falliner-Valentin

This is Dr. med. Gabriele Falliner-Valentin. She was born in 1956 in Bremen (Germany) and started her own practice in 19...

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Marc Asche at ICROM2

With much pleasure we present to you Marc Asche (MSc Paed Ost). Herr Asche is one of our teachers and is closely involve...

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