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The International Academy of Osteopathy » NL » Post Academische Modules » PAMs Osteopathy in Sports » PAM Cranial causes of parietal sports injuries

PAM Cranial causes of parietal sports injuries

Day 1 - 7/10/2021 Day 2 - 8/10/2021
Non-contact injuries. Viscero-/neurocranium & posturology.
> Injury causation. > Focal infections.
> Risk factors. > Malocclusion.
> Myofascial considerations. > Tongue thrust.
> Strain / counterstrain. > Importance of the hyoid bone.
> Prevention. > Assessing stomatognatic chains.
Mild Traumatic Brain injury (MTBi). Spinal mechanics.
> Mechanisms. > The basics.
> Observation. > Vertebral motion vs. locomotion.
> Safety-assessment. > Spinal gait mechanics.
> Diagnosis. > Facilitation & repeated motion.
> Treatment considerations. > Balance.


Frédéric Van Burm is osteopath (MSc.Ost.), sports physiotherapist, teacher, lifelong student, researcher and consultant with worldwide references. On his patient records, you can find players of FC Red Bull Salzburg, Chelsea FC, NBA-team New York Knicks, Belgian Red Devils, AC Milan, Tottenham Hotspurs and many others.

From start-to-level to world champion, in any kind of sports, everyone has the right to an identical approach. Frédéric spoke at several editions of Science and Football (London), the FIFA football congress (Antalya, Turkey), the WFA (World Football Academy), the World Congress Science and Soccer and WILL, the first sports festival.


The training and competition injury-incidence in sports and professional football in particular remains high and current preventive strategies only seem partially effective, allowing athletes to present with intrinsic weaknesses each consecutive season.  


UEFA injury studies (Ekstrand, Bahr, et all.) suggest that more effective prevention of non-contact injuriy may start with holistic interventions targeted at ‘multiple internal risk factors’., or a so called ‘web of determinants’ (Meeuwisse et all.).


Osteopathy - one of the fastest growing functional/holistic health professions worldwide - provides answers to these scientific suggestions and plays an active role in the paradigm-shift in sports medicine. The world-famous AC Milan Lab already pioneered with a holistic health approach in the late 90-ties, resulting in a Champions League win in 2007. 


Based on learning experiences at AC Milan, the Belgian National Football team, Red Bull Salzburg and Olympic athletes, and on research and teaching at the IAO, Frédéric will help the course participant to integrate and underpin the following craniosacral risk factors in their approach to athletes: ‘stomatognathic' conditions and malocclusion (‘TMJ' dysfunctions), focal infections, MTBi (minimal traumatic brain injury or concussion), viscerosomatic reflexes  All these factors may have a strong negative impact on the athletes abilities to recoverperform and stay injury-free.

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