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PAM Sports Nutrition: a functional point of view

Day 1 - 5/03/2021 Day 2 - 6/03/2021
The basics. Sports nutrition.
> Carbohydrates. > Science, guidelines & protocols.
> Lipids. > Periodization: pre-competition vs. in-competition.
> Proteins. > recovery protocols.
> Hydration.
> Other.
Beyond the basics. Weight management.
> Nutrition, a functional point of view. > Gaining and loosing weight.
> Allergies vs. food-intolerances vs. hypersensitivity. > Exercise specific protocols.
> Toxines: elimination and re-integration. > Fasting with benefits.


As head physician of the medical staff of Lotto-Soudal cycling team, Servaas Bingé, Sports MD, wrote the book “Never to the doctor again” and “The List” from his experiences as a general practitioner and sports doctor, in which he empowers people to take matters into their own hands. In 2020, he wrote the book “18:6” on intermittent fasting.

He is co-founder of Emma.Health, founded on the belief that prevention is better than cure. As a Ghent-based start-up in the health industry, they offer a personalised health analysis through an online platform. The platform combines world-class science, technology and design in order to analyse your health risks and to Empower you through Medical Autonomy.

Servaas is the ideal man in this education to talk about the curative, but especially about the preventive role as a therapist. The starting point of every lecture is the ‘Healthitude’, the combination of ‘Health’ and ‘Attitude’, the attitude and the daily choices we make for our own health.

Course price

495€. Syllabus, eCampus, coffee and lunch included.